It’s Also Noise Pollution


The noise from a train horn (which can be over 100 dBA at 100 feet away) can have a great impact on hearing  (citation).

A train horn can be just 10 decibels less than that of a jet flying at 500 feet.  (citation)




The effects of loud, uncontrollable noise on people’s health and on the livability of a community are well documented (PDF). The World Health Organization says that for good sleep, “individual noise events” should not exceed 45 dB(A).


A 2006 study in Wormleysburg, Pennsylvania, concluded that residential property values are found to decrease by about 4.1%, per 10 db of added noise exposure.  (citation)

New East Lake Rd. Quiet Zone in Action — June 2015

New East Lake Rd. Quiet Zone In ActionJuly 2015 — Different View |  Atlanta